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         Apologies for the extended vacation.  Basement Radio has officially been placed back in action.  I am going to make an attempt at some sort of streaming service.  If this works...the LIVE portion of the show will begin at 9pm EST and usually end around midnight, however it ultimately is determined by YOU...the listeners.  So...get your creative minds and your requests ready, then give us a call.  We might even take your call LIVE on the air or just take your never know.  However, if you are scared to call, you can email us...send it to


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Here is an ever growing list of guests that have been on the show:


EaglePax, headquartered in St. Louis, MO., is dedicated to empowering the community by being prepared for a terrorist attack with their grab n' go kit called EaglePax. The self-contained and easy to store kit has items that are vital in the event of a terrorist attack or similar emergency. EaglePax is further dedicated to the community by giving back 10% of its net profits to the American Red Cross. Start fighting back today by preparing yourself and others with EaglePax!  Jean Evans...Creator / CEO of EaglePax was on the show Saturday January 24, 2004.

     Fran Capo has been dubbed "fast talker extraordinaire" by the Associated Press and she doesn't even mind if you call her super-mouth. In fact, she's proud of it! Fran is in "The Guinness Book of World Records" as the fastest talking female in the world-speaking at a rate of 603.32 words per minute. That's 10 words a second!!  She also has a several books...the latest being "It Happened in New Jersey".  Click here to purchase her book.  Fran was on the show Saturday January 17, 2004.

     Thanks again to Keith Stapp,  the Creator / President of PMS Tracker.   The PMS Tracker is a sure fire way to save your relationship from that crazy monthly cycle.  Check his website for more info.  We will keep in touch with Keith and have him back soon.  Keith was on the show Saturday January 10, 2004.




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